PāGirl Millionaire - Part 1

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What to expect:

To keep the costs super low to you, the content is in a raw format as they appeared in the live stream or recording. At some stage our editor will be formatting and editing the videos for a streamlined experience. These costs will be passed on in the increased of the downloads. So for now enjoy a less shiny but very affordable version now, while the offer lasts.

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The price

As a qualified professional and an active property investor, I will charge from $249 per hour for private consultations that are specifically about your issue. Please keep this in mind when you are purchasing digital downloads on this website for $3 to $10 each. These prices are purposefully low to keep the information affordable for all families, so that the cost of expert information is shared across many people. If you are unhappy at the lack of specific information, please book a private consultation.

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There are no refunds on digital download products, due to the information base of the content. The ideas are my ideas based on my experiences or are based on my education in property. You have been warned above, that these videos and audios are not supposed to be slick professionally produced products. You are paying for the access to my ideas and discussion about my experiences. No refunds just because you:

  • don't understand the content
  • disappointed that the content is not what you thought it was about