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In 2016 we set out to navigate whānau māori through the homeownership process. It has been meaningful mahi, and now it is time to hand over the task to others. Inez will be taking apprentices who want to become Home Ownership Navigators for our WhatuKāinga system. Please see our optionsHERE. Inez is no longer the source of this advice, YOU are.

Furthermore, Inez is time poor, no longer money poor. Inez' services will mainly be a sacred exchange of time for time/barter. She will spend her time with her son, tāne, home improvements, gardening, studying, creating, cooking and homemaking. To take me away from this time to help you, you can help me! My time for yours. Please see theConsultation Service to see what alternatives Inez is accepting for her time.

Mauri Ora

Ko Inez Te Reiiti White ahau

Ki te hiki waewae o tōku matau ko Ngāti Pikiao me Ngāti Porou ngā iwi. Ki te hiki waewae o tōku mauī ko Ngāti Whakaue me āna karangahapu te iwi.

Inez White is a valuer, home ownership coach, financially an early retiree (at age 39) and the Indigenous Ambassador for Shopify.

Raised as a Te Arawa woman from Rotorua, she has seen that turangawaewae is an essential element to wellness, whenua is the seed of indigenous wealth and reconnection to whenua heals everything. Inez navigates whānau toward these ideals using tools of Te Ao Pākeha: E-Commerce, Digital, Valuation, and the art of Respecting Money.

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The Indigenuity Mission is to heal Indigenous Poverty through homeownership. Connection to whenua starts the process of healing generational trauma because it reconnects people back to the land where their ancestors lie. We believe disconnection to whenua is the original source of bad health and despair.

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2021 WhatuTaonga

Indigenuity was always to be an indigenous valuation & whenua company. As I pass on WhatuKāinga (Home Ownership) to apprentices, I will be focusing on my journey to being a specialist valuer in Toi Māori, Toi Whakairo and Taonga.

In December 2020, I graduate with my Heke Toi Whakarakai (Diploma of Māori Art & Design) in Whakairo, followed by two more years for my degree. I will incorporate this into my valuation practise and Sacred Economy.

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Homeownership Financial Freedom

Many of my days are spent doing simple things that make me feel happy and connected to my little whānau. Would you like to have more freedom to what makes you happy? I worked out a really good business plan that has led to our humble but sustainable financial freedom.

It's a simple formula that repeats itself year after year; I read books, got a degree in property, invested in income producing assets since I was 20, lost some of them, thus learning to negotiate and learned to live on a budget. I'm ready to financially retire because our assets are positively geared; that means we earn more from our assets than our life costs each week. I would like to continue the sacred career of navigating whānau to homeownership through teaching you. I will direct my consultation enquiries to you.

I will also support you in your events, consultations, setting up your own E-commerce site, or advertise your serviices here on my website.

Please see my apprentice packages below.

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Digital Live Stream + No report

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Accelerated Homeownership

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Learn the business of Homeownership Navigation

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10 x three hour sessions

Digital Live Stream + Recorded

Learn the business of Homeownership Navigation

Learn how to earn income

Support through your business

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