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PāGirl Millionaire - Maori Financial Freedom (E Book)

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The PāGirl Millionaire series uses my broken and blessed experiences to give context to the financial literacy that all families should be able to understand.

'PāGirl' and 'Millionaire' don't sound like a normal combination; Māori and Millionaire. But it should be normal for all of us, so that's why I'm sharing my story:

  • Goals
  • Three Buckets
  • Layers of Yes & No
  • & more


Customer Reviews

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Marci Lee Cowles

I've always believed that 'ma te wa' means when the time is right. Pa girl millionaire came at the right time for me. I needed some inspiration to let me know that I was on the right track. I've been quietly trying to systemise our company processes so that we can tautoko the development of whenua Māori, one whanau at a time, in a way that they are empowered to do it on their own.... but WHAT A MISH! I love hearing wahine maori korero about wealth and prosperity. I know that our whenua and building an asset base can aid us all to realise that prosperity! I'm glad to know that blood sweat and tears is normal for anything worth doing and fingers crossed the risk to reward ratio evens out... one day... ha... or not! But hey its not about the money aye! Its about what we learn and share along the way.
Loved the practical insight's in this wee pukapuka. Definitely a tāonga!)