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We can't always connect in real life since our world changed in 2020. But there are still ways that we can honour each other in business to stay human.

There are many times that I don't feel like 'doing business' and sending an invoice or charging a full commercial rate for my time.

So here are three options where I can meet you half way.

  • He Kawhe/Buy me a coffee - I'll have a text chat, answer a question, invite you in to an online event or workshop, or maybe you want to join my private SMS list
  • He Kai Kai/Buy me lunch - Imagine you want to pick my brain over a lunch date, or you want to say thanks for a great workshop or piece of advice
  • He Hākari/ Dinner date - Need more time with me or perhaps your question is pretty intense. Maybe you really appreciate some advice, or time I gave you.

These are just examples of what you can use these koha options. It's simple for you and I. You can also use these options as a way to pay for items from my Koha shop (Coming soon).

Mauri ora!

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