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Kia ora!

It has been a pleasure working with you all through out the Homeownership Empowerment wānanga.

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Did you know that you ARE good with money...

If you research Neuroeconomics (how economic decision making happens in the brain), you'll learn that it is very difficult to make good economic decisions at the same time as being chronically stressed. In everyday talk, the brain shuts down parts of itself if it senses that we are in danger aka stressed, trauma, "taniwha".

When we worked on identifying our 'taniwha', also known as reoccurring stresses and problems, we are taking the first step toward financial and homeownership empowerment. 

You ARE naturally good at finances, saving and money e hoa mā! It's just that thinking about your finances is physically very difficult for you while you are stressed. 

I hope that this helps in understanding the importance of our time where we named our taniwha. Let's make a commitment to tame him :)

Now you can download your Digital Resources

Now, here is the skills and tools for you to also take steps toward your first home.

Whiria Te Kaha e hoa mā!