What topics are covered in WhatuKainga?

Inez White | 14 October, 2019

            What topics are covered in WhatuKainga?

WhatuKāinga Topics

Over the years I've changed and adjusted the topics, because my experiences have changed! I don't think there is a topic below that I haven't experienced first hand, some of them I wish I hadn't :( But the experience has made me realise how important it is to share with you all, the strategies of surviving through the obstacle.

These topics apply to both general title land (property in the open market) and also Whenua Māori.

  • Vision
  • Cleanbanking
  • Portfolio
  • Kiwisaver
  • Debt
  • Debt strategies
  • Credit Scores
  • Credit Strategies
  • Broker or Bank?
  • Getting pre-approval for finance first
  • Finding your professional team (lawyer, valuer, builder, broker)
  • Sale & Purchase agreements
  • Negotiating
  • Deposits
  • Preparing for Settlement

These topics will delve in to more detail for those of you looking to build on or buy your whakapapa whenua:

Whenua Maori

  • Kainga Whenua Home Loans
  • Borrowing from a bank for Whenua Maori
  • Occupation orders & License to Occupy
  • Strategies for Whenua Maori

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