Video Tutorial - Kiwisaver Withdrawal for Hardship

Kiwisaver can only be withdrawn early if you are a First Home Buyer (conditions apply) or if you apply under Hardship conditions and are approved. This can be a challenging process with little guidance.

I'm not promoting that everyone withdraw their Kiwisaver - No. But if you have need (and many of us do), I am able to share how to apply properly. I've been successful transferring my Australian Superannuation, then withdrawing part of KS for hardship, then also withdrawing the balance for first home buying. I have experience in these processes and will share with you in a video tutorial of approximately an hour long.

Things you need to know:

* This will be a pre-recorded video that will be released Friday 24 January 2020

* When you purchase your ticket a link will be sent on Friday to download the video. You can then watch it at your own pace.

* Please check your emails for the downloadable link. Once you have watched the video, you can place comments at the bottom of the relevant blog.

There are no refunds on Video Tutorials, because obviously by the time you have watched it, you can't return it :) Kia ora!


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