2023 - The year of the growling

2023 - The year of the growling

Tēnā koutou katoa! Ko Inez White Faitala ahau.  I'm a property consultant, valuer, Māori land passionator, and I'm 3 years away from retirement because I follow a method of having a relationship with my resources aka money. I believe that homeownership and occupying our whenua, is rongoā for indigenous people. I believe that having that connection severed has made it easier for us to get sick.

If you're listening to this podcast or watching Youtube, then perhaps you are searching for rongoā, to get rid of that repeat cycle of money stress. 

Would you like to do something different with me this year? Would you like me to be with you along this 2023 commitment that you've made to yourself. To:

  • get one step closer to owning your own home.
  • to tell your boss to shove their stink job up their bum because yeah sometimes you have to come in late so you can care for your sick baby
  • so you can tell your landlord to 'get' with their bull shizz rental increases every six months
  • managing your stress levels when dealing with your whānau over Māori land
  • being able to just tweak your budget in order to afford your new 7% mortgage repayment, instead of sell your house.
  • stop arguing with your significant other who soothes their trauma through spending
  • to stop soothing your trauma through spending

Well, I've got something exciting. I'll be with you whenever you like via Spotify and Youtube as an accountability aunty. Clearly toxic positivity (where all you do is feel good) has allowed many Māori whānau to remain stagnant - because our Homeownership statistics haven't gone up. Have they even gone down?

So 2023 - I'm trying something different. We are going to call it the year of the growling. Each week I'm going to release truth bombs on my Spotify and Youtube channels. No more filters or innuendos where I try to sound supportive and neutral. You can choose to hate me...sit with that feeling...and unpack where the truth is about why you have the circumstances that you do.

Here's a teaser:

  • In 2021 the interest rates were so low - we locked in a 5 year fixed rate at 2.7%. That's low. Did you buy a house or apply for a home-loan in that year?
  • If not, why not? Oh it was too expensive...ok...
  • Well in 2017 the house prices were pretty much 30,40% or even 50% lower than 2021. Why did you not apply for a loan, live on your whenua, or buy a house then? Oh, you had a poor credit score, ok...
  • Well, its now 5 years later, the house prices have just started to come down - some areas by 20% to 28%. What's the reason now? Oh...the interest rate is too high and we have a recession
  • Well recessions, tend to mean that the prices become more affordable and there are deals around. So why aren't you ready now. Oh, because you gave up from stress of COVID

In what year are you going to start making decisions where you move forward instead of stroking your self lies. I won't always be positive and inspirational - I'm just going to tell you the truth and let this be the year of the growling. Simple, subscribe to my podcast and Youtube and you can have a regular dose to keep you moving. For free.


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