Renovating Budget - How it can apply to Maori land

Renovating Budget - How it can apply to Maori land

Starting the conversation with our recent mini renovation on a sleepout/studio. How much it costs and how reasonable it could be for more maori land owners to move on to whenua and start living off grid or at least small. So far we are looking at about $3000 to create a cooking space with a BBG/gas hobs, homemade tables and benches, carpeting and insulating an old sleepout. From the comments in this post, some are saying that around $15,000 to $20,000, can get you a small eco-cabin to start (brand new).

All I want is for us to start having the conversation to realise that money doesn't have to be the big barrier. Whether your whānau allows you to live on the whenua...another story. But let's all at least start talking about it and solving problems together! Mauri Ora

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