2023 - Our goal is to connect to tupuna not just to increase equity.

In the first week of the new year three of my original clients, customers, friends - participants on my 2016 programme - celebrated with me. They each were unconditional on the second of their properties that they'd bought since following my Indigenuity method of having a relationship to money and whenua.

Heaps of people own multiple homes, but my clients have resilience. Remember, they have bought in a time where interest rates are high and so are prices. You have to be a really solid financial proposition for a bank to take you on right now. That's what Indigenuity method builds in to our programmes. Not just the hustle game.

My clients all have one thing in common; they buy, behave, invest in order to have the finances and equity to one day buy and live on their ancestral land. That's our collective Indigenuity goal and we believe it works because our tupuna are supportive of that goal. And so it happens.



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