WhatuKāinga - 12 Month Homeownership Navigator

My books are full and I need you to grow your own business that heals Indigenous Poverty!

I'm now only taking clients who want to learn how to become a homeownership navigator just like my business and do it themselves! A wonderful way to earn a great income in a niche service, that benefits whānau and changes lives.

As a property investor, valuer and E-commerce ambassador, my time is now fully booked. My love of coaching families has to grow and be passed on to others.

What does homeownership do for people?

Children grow up with a feeling of belonging; family's incomes are invested in their future; connecting tangata to whenua and healing the effects of indigenous disconnection to land. You get to see this blossom around you as the fruits of your work.

Over 12 months you will learn how to:

  • Hold workshops
  • Build the right property industry relationships
  • Be authoritative and become respected
  • Be correct and mitigate liability
  • I will support you in managing your paid appointments for as long as you need me at a rate of 25/50 of the hourly rate starting at $249 per hour.

Holding workshops for Homeownership in real life and online is fulfilling and life changing for whānau. But there is a reason why no one does this professionally - RISK. When navigating people in the home ownership process, there is a pathway that ensures your professional safety as well as protecting your client's investment and their wairua. I do both well from my background as a qualified valuer, and experienced investor/negotiator.

This programme will be suitable for:

  • Individuals who want to provide homeownership services to their business
  • Hapu and Iwi organisations who want to train their own navigators
  • Qualified professionals who want a niche service

I am starting this programme in January 2021 on the last week of each month. If you are wanting to test whether this programme is for you, please sign up for the November and December workshops Here.

You will get:

  • Each month we meet in groups of up to 10 people with Inez.
  • Each meeting is a 1 day (5 hour) workshop directly taught by Inez
  • This is recorded and available for review in a private channel
  • You will get access to exclusive videos, programme resources that you use for developing your skills and supporting your clients
  • I will support you with setting up your own website and E-commerce site to run your business
  • I will coach you in supporting consultation clients, you get 50% of the fee for 12 months

So at the end of this programme you have also grown your business, experience and clientele! Mauri ora