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Inez White - Indigenuity

Sand + Paint my garage = 15 Hours - Inez

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Let's exchange! I am time poor, I am happy to give to your kaupapa if you can help me achieve what is important to my whānau. We just don't have the time. 

This service is to exchange my time for you to sand and paint my garage (approx 35sqm) with two coats of paint including the window frames and door way.

The process is that there is a booking fee (otherwise everyone will book these options). We meet and talk about what you want and what I need, then we come up with a way to make it happen. If we won't be a good fit because you can't make it to my home, or I can't make it to your dates, then I refund half of your booking fee.

What I am willing to give for you to sand and paint my studio (approx 35sqm):

  • The equivalent of my time in value
  • I'll provide the paint
  • Please provide brushes, trays, rollers, sanding equipment, etc
  • I can provide accommodation for up to 3/4 people if you need to travel to our whare in Wainuiomata
  • Once we work out what you need, we can schedule the consultations or wananga and also when you can commence mahi.

The deposit is 50% refundable if we are not a good fit for our time exchange. We agree on this within our inital wananga.

Kia ora.

I believe I may be the founder of 'Homeownership' as a business pathway. I wanted to prove that creating a business that is for families, for māori families, and that doing it my way as a māori - is a great business model. I believe that the subjects are worthy of my energy and time investment. Training others to do the same is in my sight, so that my mokopuna don't grow up to be tenants in their own country.

Too many people see māori and our right to whenua as being a social welfare government problem. I have found and proven this to be incorrect.

As a valuer, I see the need to provide market analysis and advice earlier in the home ownership process and not just when a bank says you need a valuation. My clients are ready with finance pre-approval, understand how to negotiate in order to compete in the market, and are educated in how to grow their wealth - not just buy a property.

My preference is that you book with one of my trained Home Ownership Navigators at a rate of $250 for each hour appointment (I will be the supervisor).

Alternatively if you are sure that you need to book with me, then you are in the right place.

(I do offer a koha option for genuine need. Please select this option if you have another koha in mind)