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Inez White - Indigenuity

Exclusive Member Marae & Whakairo - Valuation

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Valuations and property consultancy is often about compliance and financial requirements. However, Inez White - Indigenuity would like to make this about you, purposeful and connected advice.

To do this, there is an Exclusive Client List for Marae & Whakairo valuations for Insurance. For these 100 clients you can request:

  • A quote
  • Have access to digital content that will be exclusively for the Client list
  • Be included in the calender of inspections to be included in the valuation run. This saves you on inspection fees if you your valuer inspects a group of properties.
  • Offered digital products and events at special rates (e.g. discounted from $55 to $15)
  • No obligation to book a valuation

What does this Client List require:

  1. Acceptance on this list requires that you have been a participant and/or purchased on of the online services/events. You will be personally invited to apply for this offer
  2. Once you book your space on this client list you will be sent a link to create a Customer Account
  3. You may be sent a link to a private channel where your content and exclusive offers will be delivered.