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Inez White - Indigenuity

Marae Buildings - Valuation

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Step One: Request a Quote today

Request a Quote and you will receive more information and a link to provide more details about your marae. Once we have this information if you want to go further and speak to Inez directly, you'll receive an exclusive opportunity to have a korero via video meeting.

Reinstatement and Indemnity value of Marae buildings including whakairo, tukutuku, and kowhaiwhai. These values are provided to your insurer so that they can calculate your premium.

You will be provided with separate values (Buildings/structures, Whakairo, other Artwork) so that you can choose what you want to insure depending on the premium you can afford to pay.

I have an indigenous data sovereignty policy as a foundation for my service. Pūrakau, whakapapa, photos and any other information you require to be kept safe with either watermark and stored in a database that you manage and control.

Whilst many valuations exclude the whakairo and artworks from the assessment, we value all aspects.
Insurance valuations are required regularly, often as a condition of Insurance cover. Marae Valuations for insurance are on a Reinstatement Value basis, which is 'how much will it cost to reinstate these buildings and artworks to a modern-day version'.


Time frame and what is included:

Please allow half a day to 6 hours per marae complex for the initial inspection. The research time depends on the complexity of what you are insuring, but please allow from 3 to 4 weeks. If your marae trustees would like your report presented in person (or by video hui) this can be included in the service as well.



A full-service valuation starts with a $500 booking fee to cover the initial travel and inspection.

Valuation options start at $3500 + GST (remaining fee LESS $500 booking fee will be invoiced to you during or after our services.)

* There is a fee reduction where you nominate your own hapū member to assist with recording photos and measuring whakairo, artworks, whakapapa and pūrakau. You can request further details for this.