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Inez White - Indigenuity

Valuations - Māori Land & Kāinga Whenua

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Kāinga Whenua Home loans are an initiative between Kiwibank and Kāinga  Ora (formerly Housing New Zealand). If you are applying for one of these home loans and you've been approved, you will need a valuation of the house you propose to build.

First I will inspect the proposed site, you may need to take me there if it is remote and has limited access. The research and report aspect of the valuation can take up to 3 to 4 weeks as the draft reports are refined with the lender and Kāinga Ora.

* providing as much information as soon as possible such as your house plans, reduces this timeframe greatly.


There is a $500 booking fee for the initial inspection and administration.

You can expect a total fee of $3500+ GST. (remaining fee LESS $500 booking fee will be invoiced to you during or after our services.)

* There are fee packages for multiple valuations on one papakāinga development or in the nearby, so see if you can book your valuation along with other whānau in your hapū. This reduces the cost to each whānau substantially.