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Inez White - Indigenuity

He Kai kai - Buy me lunch

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For the price of lunch at a Café, this could be for you If:

  • you appreciate something I've done for you,
  • or you want to take me out to lunch in return for some of my time
  • do you want me to see your question and answer it
  • do you want a cool phone call to ask a question (20 min or so)
  • or perhaps you are looking for an easy way to pay for an item from my koha collection

This is a virtual lunch date, imagine a take away hangi with custard and steam pudding,  a piece of fried bread with dripping butter and golden syrup.

Thank you in advance!

Customer Reviews

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Indigo Phillips
Hands down the best koha I ever gifted.

Buying this virtual lunch for Inez was the best koha I have ever gifted. During the time of our kōrero, I was inspired by her positivity, her knowledge, and Aroha to help my whānau achieve the success of one day owning my own home. I am buying our family home this year!!