Book: "From Red To Black" by Tony Melvin

You may have heard me talking about this book that helped me learn how to get out of debt and I've been using these skills for more than 10 years. This book is very hard to get anywhere now but I have managed to get my hands on VERY limited stock direct from the author. These are no longer in print, so buy your copy now before they are gone for good! 

Here is the author's blurb:

The ability of making money and controlling money are two very different skills. Tony Melvin had mastered the skill of making money at an early age, yet despite this ability he found himself in massive debt. At the age of 28, after selling all of his assets, he was still $300,000 in the red. This book shows you how he got out of debt, avoided bankruptcy and mastered the art of controlling money. It’s the most workable, honest debt recovery method that can be implemented by anyone. Here’s a taste of what’s inside:

  1. How to maintain a good credit rating

  2. How to control your money

  3. How to communicate with creditors (with example letters)

  4. How to deal with legal firms

  5. How to avoid going bankrupt

  6. How to organise your life and minimise stress

  7. How to achieve your financial goals

  8. How to develop successful money habits

  9. How to play the Game of Investing and WIN!