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Inez White - Indigenuity

Exclusive Client List - Consultancy/Workshops

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Do you want guidance and professional advice, but not feel like a number?

Inez White - Indigenuity would like to make her time about you, purposeful and connected advice where she understands your why, who and your story.

To do this, there is an Exclusive Client List for valuations and property consultancy. For these 100 clients you can request:

  • A quote for workshops, group bookings, consultancy, home ownership
  • Have access to digital content that will be exclusively for the Client list
  • Offered digital products and events at special rates 
  • Workshops and public speaking at your events (subject to availability)
What does this Client List require:
  1. Acceptance on this list requires that you have been a participant and/or purchased on of the online services/events. You will be personally invited to apply for this offer
  2. Once you book your space on this client list you will be sent a link to create a Customer Account
  3. You may be sent a link to a private channel where your content and exclusive offers will be delivered.


This is not a $0 fee service - you can expect a typical daily rate of $4575 plus GST as a base rate. But the kaupapa matters to me, so we work together to match my availability, your budget to create a customised plan. We start with that first.