Healing Indigenous Poverty through Home Ownership is our mission.

I am developing a refined digital platform/website, like a 'NetFlix' of Knowledge, to host my digital courses, videos and advice for homeownership.

This platform/website will increase accessibility and affordability for the financial/professional property advice that families need to compete in the home ownership market through videos and online courses/programs. This will be preparation for and not replacing legal advice. The cost will be generally from $5 per video view, $150 for an automated video course through to $1250 for a whole years membership to advice.

The faces of the content are relatable, Māori, Pasifika, New Zealanders.

We cannot assume that middle class knowledge and understanding exists in everyones homes - it does not and this is why we have a housing problem in NZ because of the knowledge gap.
This vision will be continuous over the decades, because knowledge must always be updated as our economy changes.