Who is Inez White - Indigenuity



Ko Ngāti Whakaue Te Iwi

Ko Ngongotahā te maunga

Ko Te-Rotorua-Nui-a-Kahumatamoemoe te moana

Ko Te Utuhina te awa

Ko Ohinemutu tōku papakāinga

Ko Waikite te ngāwha

Ko Ngāti Pikiao Te Iwi

Ko Matawhaura te maunga

Ko Rotoiti-i-kite-a-Ihenga te moana

Ko Ohau te awa

Ko Mourea tōku papakāinga

Ko Te Wirihana te tangata



So we create & Indigify digital based courses for:
          • Home Ownership
          • Navigating the Māori Land system
          • Financial Preparation & Behaviour
          • Credit Score Rehab

 We have our own branded programes, but can also create a white label version for your organisation.

Lenders, Trusts, Iwi, Hapu, we are here to create your Knowledge Portal for your people. More information coming soon!


Healing Indigenous Poverty through Home Ownership is our mission. 
I am developing a refined digital platform/website, like a 'NetFlix' of Knowledge, to host my digital courses, videos and advice for homeownership.

This platform/website will increase accessibility and affordability for the financial/professional property advice that families need to compete in the home ownership market through videos and online courses/programs. This will be preparation for and not replacing legal advice.

The cost will be generally from $5 per video view, $150 for an automated video course through to $1250 for a whole years membership to advice.

The faces of the content are relatable, Māori, Pasifika, New Zealanders.

We cannot assume that middle class knowledge and understanding exists in everyones homes - it does not and this is why we have a housing problem in NZ because of the knowledge gap.
This vision will be continuous over the decades, because knowledge must always be updated as our economy changes.